5 of the most unexpected ‘midwives’ of 2010

Of all the quirky births in 2010, there were some accidental birth partners that really amazed us - and probably the mums-to-be in labour, too!


Unexpected midwife No.1 – the 13-year-old sister

Kent teenager Michaela Barton had to take on the unexpected role of midwife in January, when her mum went into labour in the middle of the night during a heavy snowfall. Michaela received an award for her bravery, and now hopes to have a career as a midwife!


Find out more about the teenage midwife in our original news report.


Unexpected midwife No.2 – the deaf postman

Certainly one of the most feel good father stories of 2010, postman James Tipler, who is deaf, helped deliver his own baby. James lip-read emergency instructions, relayed from his brother who was on the phone to paramedics.

Check out our news story for more about the birth and the postman’s impromptu midwifery skills.


Unexpected midwife No.3 – the pet cat

Marmite the cat helped his owner, Lindsey, for two hours until her partner arrived home to take over the birth partner duties. “As the contractions got stronger, Marmite stayed with me as my very supportive birth partner until my partner arrived home. He rubbed up against me and purred affectionately which helped to distract me from the labour pains,” said mum Lindsey.

Read our news report for more on the midwife cat – and the award he was nominated for!


Unexpected midwife No.4 – grandma… on a traffic roundabout!

So, it’s amazing enough that a mum helped her daughter give birth, delivery her own granddaughter, right? But to do it roadside? Well, that’s certainly one to tell the grandchildren…

Check out all the roadside birth details in our full story about this supportive grandma.


Unexpected midwives No.5 – the staff at ASDA

There’s a lot of thing you can pick up in a big supermarket chain, but a team of impromptu midwives? That’s exactly what happened for one mum-to-be who went into labour in the toilets of an ASDA supermarket.

The woman was helped into the store’s café, and two members of staff gathered towels and pillows from the aisles to make her comfy!


Find our what ASDA had to say about the birth in our full news story.

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