Team MFM got really into our own Instagram this year, but we’ve also loved getting to see what our fellow mums have been up to.


And it’s certainly true that some of the biggest parenting stories to ‘break the internet’ (just borrowing that phrase from 2016) this year came from the picture-perfect social media site.

Well, which got us gabbing the most? And which inspired us? Here’s our pick of the biggest mum-dad moments to take place on Instagram in 2017…

Jenny Mollen’s ‘swaddling tutorial’ goes wrong

The backlash against Angel actress Jenny Mollen was fierce after she shared a gallery of Insta snaps, showing her intentionally-wrong attempt at babywearing.

Fans were shocked and also concerned for her new baby, little Lazlo, but luckily, it did get us all talking about the safe way to babywear here in the MFM office…

I Had A Miscarriage goes viral

Miscarriage is less of a taboo than it used to be, but we’re not quite there yet in making it a commonplace topic.

So we were pleased to report on the viral Instagram account I Had A Miscarriage, which shares women’s account of their own miscarriage struggles, back in July.

We’re also still pleased that, now, in December and into 2018, they’re still carrying on their good work ✊

Julia Stiles retaliates after mum-shaming

We wrote in great detail about new mum Julia Stiles’ baby carrier snap, which she was heavily criticised for, mostly because of her 5-week-old son’s position.

Fortunately, the experts assured MFM that nothing was inherently dangerous about Julia’s snap – putting to bed any rumours suggesting otherwise.

However, Julia didn’t take the comments lying down, responding to her mum critics in a strongly-worded follow-up post…

Beyonce’s WOW pregnancy announcement

In Feb 2017, Queen Bey announced she was expecting twins with husband Jay-Z.

She didn’t just announce it, though. Obvs. The news arrived to the internet like a meteor hitting the planet.

Beyonce’s Earth goddess-esque bump pic became a worldwide trending topic, the most-talked about pregnancy pic of the year and the most-liked photo on Instagram of the year. And of all time.

Ronaldo surprises the world with baby no 4

Just months after welcoming twins via a surrogate, rumours began that world-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was to be a dad for the 4th time.

He finally properly addressed the speculation with a post-labour hospital snap, not long after girlfriend Georgina gave birth to their 1st child together – a little girl named Alana Martina.

No match for Beyonce, Ronaldo’s pic was only the 2nd most-liked Insta of the year…

Mum reveals her ‘tree of life’ stretch marks

We were totally in awe of this mum - who proudly showed the transition of her bump’s stretch marks, which just so happen to appear like the tree of life symbol ?

Rochelle’s snot-sucking Insta story

TV presenter and Saturdays singer Rochelle divided everyone with an Instagram story about sucking out her congested baby Valentina Raine’s snot.

Some admitted doing the same in times of cold-related crisis, while others confessed they wouldn’t dream of doing it to their kids.

See what she had to say about the whole thing…

The Unmumsy Mum bares her cellulite

Fans of blogger Sarah Turner aka The Unmumsy Mum were super-inspired by an unexpected Instagram photo.

Among your usual filtered holiday snaps, Sarah included an up-close-and-personal shot of some small cellulite dimples on her leg.

A win for breaking down the ‘perfect’ Instagram illusions that are so easy to create ?

One mum’s ‘tilted uterus’ baby bump

You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s no baby bump here, but it’s actually a 6-month bump photo, from a woman named Mia who has a tilted uterus.

Awareness, raised!

Toy-clearing: how it should be done?

Oh boy, this one caused a stir – and became a huge talking point for all of us and all of you.

Mum, minimalist and ‘grammer Allie Casazza grabbed Instagram’s attention with a photo, and a mini essay, about her ‘one toy box only’ approach to toys.

Just look at that clean and tidy living room! And the reaction to her post, here.

Images: Instagram

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