Helen Flanagan: Why I like to co-sleep with my 2-year-old

The Coronation Street star defends her decision to share a bed with her toddler...


She’s faced backlash in the past for talking about co-sleeping, but Helen Flanagan has once again defended her decision to share a bed with her 2-year-old daughter, Matilda.


The 26-year-old Corrie actress opened up to Fabulous magazine about why she wanted to bedshare with her toddler:

‘They’re not young forever and it’s quite special having them there,” she admitted. “[I’ll stop when] she gets bigger and is kicking me in the night.”

But she also added: “When I haven’t seen [boyfriend and Matilda’s dad] Scott for ages we obviously go to sleep together and I put her in her cot.”

Last year, when Helen revealed she was co-sleeping with then 4-month-old Matilda, it prompted a HUGE online debate around the potential risks and dangers of sleeping in the same bed as your baby.

It was even discussed during a segment on This Morning – and Helen no doubt faced tons of social media backlash as a result.

“I’m still sleeping with her – I’ll stop when she reaches 1. I want to get her into a better routine and she won’t go into a cot. I know that’s probably my fault,” she said to OK magazine at the time.

“It’s so cute sleeping next to your baby and I’ll never have that time back again. She feels safe knowing where we are. I also get a better night’s sleep if she’s in with us.”

Just for the record: the official guidance here in the UK has always been pretty clear.

The Lullaby Trust recommends that you don’t co-sleep with any child under 6 months – ie, sleep with your baby in your bed – as it increases the risk of SIDS. But we know that, realistically, many mums choose to co-sleep at different times – some do like to co-sleep from birth, while others prefer to avoid bedsharing altogether.

So, if you do make the decision that you are going to co-sleep, it’s recommended that you should wait until they’re 3 months or older and follow these very specific and important safety guidelines when you do.

The same applies to toddlers: if you’re gonna do it, you need to make the situation as safe as possible – which we’re sure Helen does.

We’ll wait to see when Helen does make the break and gets Matilda sleeping in her own bed – and what Matilda will have to say about that…

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Images: Instagram/Helen Flanagan

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