Lily Allen: “I just want to have babies”

Singer reveals she wants to try again after heartbreak miscarriage two years ago

Lily Allen has revealed she’s very broody and can’t wait to start a family with boyfriend Sam Cooper, reports Showbiz Spy. “I just want to have babies and live in the countryside. That’s my goal really,” said the singer.


Her decision to speak out about her desire for children comes two years after she was left heartbroken following a miscarriage with her partner at the time, Chemical Brothers member Ed Simons.

She went on to reveal she’s currently in a “good place” with her boyfriend Sam. “I’ve been in a relationship for the last seven months and we make it work. If I’m on tour, Sam will fly out on a Friday when he’s finished work and stay for the weekend. We talk all the time.”


24-year-old Lily also recently vowed to retire from the music industry completely. “I’m not a careerist. I do have a certain amount of drive, but that’s more about keeping a roof over my head and just having a routine.”

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