Halloween is the spookiest night of the year (of course), and also one we think should be filled with lots of scary (but tasty) snacks to make sure it goes smoothly and the kids have enough energy for all that trick-or-treating!


It's the perfect occasion for the family to gather together to cook some terrifyingly tasty recipes, too. And we've got some really good ones here that are fairly simple and don't require Bake Off-level skills, either.

There are sweet and savoury options, and even a few pretty healthy ones, too, like our Vegetable skeleton dip.

So whether you're hoping to make some pre-trick-or-treat goodies to get the children prepped for the neighbourhood walk-around, or if you're planning a full-on Halloween party (or are attending one and want take a dish along), we've got it all covered.

Here's our pick of the best Halloween recipes...

1. Spooky Pumpkin Soup

Is there any dish more appropriate for Halloween than a delicious bowl of pumpkin soup? It's easy to make and an ideal dish for the colder autumn months.

2. Annabel Karmel's Monster Muffins

These yummy green muffins are a great treat for hungry little monsters.

3. Annabel Karmel's Vegetable Skeleton Dip

Perfect for Halloween parties or a family movie night, this deliciously healthy skeleton-shaped veggie board goes perfectly with Annabel's sour cream and sweet chilli dipping sauce.

4. Annabel Karmel's Sticky Toffee Apples

If you're looking for something sweet and sticky, you're in luck, because we've got Annabel Karmel's take on this Halloween classic.

5. 3 Kinds Of Halloween Gingerbread

This handy guide will show you how to turn your average gingerbread man into 3 different character – a monster, a wicked witch and even a spooky ghost – through the power of coloured icing.

6. Spooky Skull Cupcakes

If your kids love their treats extra sweet, these cakes with icing and white chocolate could be just what's needed...

7. Spider Whoopie Cakes

This gorgeous-looking spider's web whoopie cake includes some really bold flavours like treacle and ginger. Perfect for taking along to a Halloween party and one we think the adults might like even more than the kids.

8. Zombie And Brain Cupcakes

How do you like yours sliced? We've got 3 fab zombie-themed cupcake recipes that are easy to follow and yum to eat.

9. Annabel Karmel's Meatloaf Mummy

A savoury treat which will delight younger and older children.

10. Annabel Karmel's Pumpkin Muffins

Scary, spooky, creepy orange cakes: simply delicious!

11. Ghost Cakes

By making some simple vanilla icing sheets you can take your regular cupcakes to a whole new spooky level. Here's how...

12. Bat & Ghost Cookies

Cookies are always fun to make with craft little ones, and a great opportunity to get creative with the faces!

13. Chocolate Spider Cupcakes

Good fun to make, PLUS an ideal way to get a sneaky bit more chocolate in!

14. Vegan Witches' Fingers

Made with dates, prunes, honey and cocoa powder, these raw witches' fingers are a healthy sweet treat, perfect for vegan families, dairy-free children or guests with dietary requirements

15. Beef, pumpkin and ginger stew

This heartening stew could be just what's needed after a cold autumn night out.

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