Instant family guide to airlines

Just how family-friendly are the top airlines? We find out what the big names in air travel offer, from baggage allowance to check-in, to make travelling with a baby, child or pregnant bump easier


Cathay Pacific

All you need to know about travelling with Cathay Pacific, including how it helps make family travel easier with no fee to transport your buggy and combined weight luggage allowances. 


Etihad Airways

Essential booking and travel info for Etihad Airways, including how it lets you know which car seats you can take onboard and how you can make use of pre-booked meals to make your flight seamless. 


Air France

Important details for those flying with Air France, including how this airline offers onboard heating facilities and skycots when travelling with a baby. 



All the advice you need to know for travel with Lufthansa, such as how it carries baby food on all its flights and helps you out with extra baggage for some journeys.



Key booking and travel info for bmi, including how it offers a pick-up service for pushchairs as well as priority boarding. Once onboard, staff help keep kids entertained with puzzle boxes. 


Monarch Airlines

Find out about Monarch Airlines‘ basic and easy-to-follow airline rules for families. Its no-frills approach means a bit more planning might be needed, but the service is straightforward.  



Essential info for those travelling with easyJet, including how it prioritises families when boarding, enables you to carry the liquids you need as well as offering hot tips on how to save money when booking.


British Airways

Key booking and travel info for British Airways, such as how BA meals are super kid-friendly (and nutritious) and children often receive activity packs. Mums and dads can control kids’ TVs and enjoy organised seating and Feed Kids First policies.



With a world renowned luggage allowance and handy baby food policies, find out more about Emirates and how it makes family travel nice and simple.



All you need to know about travel with KLM. This includes how baby food is carried onboard, buggies can be stowed in the cabin and KLM’s tips for pregnant women.


Air New Zealand

Vital booking and travel advice for Air New Zealand, including how the crew help you out with ’emergency’ packs for babies (to give you a helping hand if you’ve forgotten to book your child’s meal!).


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