Safe feeding for your baby

What's safe and healthy for your baby to eat? PP's child nutrition specialist, Dr Rana Conway has the latest guidelines...

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Babies up to six months

Nothing could be easier than feeding a baby under six months, as their nutritional needs are very limited.


On the menu:
*Breast milk
*Formula milk

And that’s it! The Government says most babies shouldn’t be weaned on to solids before six months. But if you’re sure your baby’s ready earlier (you can check with your health visitor) then stick to easily digestible foods such as baby rice, puréed fruit and veg. Keep portions small, as you’re really just getting them used to new tastes and textures. Breast milk or formula should still be your baby’s main source of nutrition at this age.

If you do wean your baby on to solids before six months, there are a number of things they shouldn’t eat.

Off the menu:
*Cows’ milk
*Dairy foods
*Meat and fish
*Beans and pulses
*Citrus fruit (such as oranges)

Babies from six to 12 months

As your baby grows, the list of safe foods extends, but there are still some important restrictions.

On the menu:
*Pureed fruit
*Pureed vegetables
*Baby rice
*Minced fish
*Scrambled egg
*Oats mixed with breast milk or formula

Off the menu:
*Salt. Stay off it for as long as possible.
*Nuts. These will also be off the menu after 1 year if there’s a nut allergy in the family.
*Cows’ milk as a drink


What’s up, honey?
Honey can be dangerous for babies under 12 months. Coming straight from the bee, it may contain the bacteria that cause infant botulism. It’s okay for older babies, as they have a more developed intestine that can fight the bacteria.

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