8 of the strangest snuggle toys

Good old-fashioned soft teddy? No, that just won't do as a bedfellow for these toddlers...


When we spotted the story of a little girl who takes a giant, scary-looking garden-ornament owl with her everywhere she goes – including to bed – it got us wondering what other freakish and unusual snuggle toys little ones get attached to.


So, we asked mums on the MadeForMums Facebook page if their child has a snuggle toy that’s a bit on the unusual side. Turns out quite a lot of them did! Here are just a few examples…

1. Another scary-looking garden owl

Believe it or not, Sarah Jane C’s daughter has a lot in common with the girl who became a social-media sensation for taking her terrifying lawn owl everywhere with her: she has a snuggle toy of similar garden-ornament-owl proportions.

Sarah Jane C told us on Facebook: “Snap! My owl-obsessed daughter started off with cuddly ‘Big Owl’ who was soon joined by Tiny Owl, Tiny Baby Owl, Cosy Owl (one of those microwaveable toys).

“This fine fellow [pictured below] is Boss Owl! I also made her a wee felt finger puppet owl and she named it Flat Owl.”


2. A toupé (yes, really)

Perhaps one of the strangest things on our list, but, yup, one of our mums tell us her little one sleeps with a hairpiece. 

Al N said: “My one-year-old is hair obsessed, so he slept with a toupé for a few months.”


3. A sleeping bag

As well as sleeping IN a sleeping bag, it seems some toddlers like to use them as snuggly toys, too, according to mum Angela H who says, “My boy uses one of his Gro bags as a comforter.” Fair enough!

4. A glove

“For months, my little one would only sleep with a single purple fleecy glove that she called her baby,” says Tanya B.

“She even used to push it around in a pram and tuck it up in bed, then at night she’d snuggle with it.”

Whatever makes ’em happy, eh..?

5. A dinosaur

“My daughter used to cuddle up to a large Tyrannosaurus Rex, complete with big fabric fangs,” Andrea J tells us. “She loved her dinosaur!”

Yep, a terrifying human-eating huge giant monster reptile’s just what you want to snuggle with of an evening…


6. Real hair

The toupé mentioned earlier is one thing but what if your toddler only wants to snuggle with real hair – that’s actually on your head – every night?

Rebecca M says, “My youngest would only sleep with MY hair. Nightmare!” We can totally imagine.

7. TWO (not one) Jellycat monkies

Far from being content with just one cuddle toy, mum Donna C tells us her little boy sleeps with TWO monkies every night but this actually means having quite a few of the things on rotation.

“My little one has 4 Jellycat monkeys,” Donna C explains. “Two get used while 2 are in the wash. Here he is [in the pic below], very confused as to why 2 of his monkeys are hanging on the line.” Oooh yes,  we can just about see the “spares” on the line behind his head!


8. ANYTHING freaky

It really does appear that lots of toddlers don’t actually want to be comforted at night; rather, they quite like the idea of a being scared witless by a pair of glassy eyes staring back at them.

As Abbe G confirms when she describes what her toddler takes to bed: “If it’s not a scary doll with red eyes, it’s an animal that looks like it’s been stuffed by a taxidermist.”

Well, there you have it…

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