Activity sheet: Sound and play for toddlers and pre-schoolers

For toddlers beginning to learn get to grips with sounds / starting to talk, we've got a simple activity sheet which encourages them to colour and learn their words at the same time...


If your child’s beginning to talk – or even just learn a few words or sounds – why not try and include some learning into play time?


We’ve produced a really simple activity sheet to get your child to colour and make some seriously cool vehicle noises. And finally, we want them to try and make as many other vehicle noises as they can think of…nee-naaawwww! ?

This is one they can do either with mum or dad, or on their own – with perhaps just a little bit of instruction.

Simply click the image or link below to download the activity sheet now – and make sure you have some crayons or coloured pencils handy as well ?

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