Activity sheets for toddlers and pre-schoolers: counting, talking and creativity

If your child's at the stage of counting or using sounds / words - or if they've started to enjoy imaginative play - we've got some great activity sheets for learning


If you have a toddler who’s at the stage of learning numbers / words – or getting into imaginative and creative play, we’ve got some simple creativity sheets to encourage their understanding and help them to have fun at the same time.


Your child can do them on their own – or, possibly, with just a little bit of help from mum or dad: take a look…

1. Numbers and counting

Count and colour the animals – and then tell us how many fingers you have!

2. Sound and play

Colour the vehicles and tell us what sounds they make – and then make more of your favourite vehicle sounds!

3. Imagination and creativity

Draw some scenes for the animals to play in – and then act out your favourite animal!

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