Free downloadable reading activities

From Spot the difference to cool treasure hunts, make learning to read fun with LeapFrog's downloadable sheets


Storytelling puppets

Puppets are a great way to make a story come to life. You don’t need expensive shop-bought ones; a sock or a teddy bear is just perfect.


Download your storytelling puppets sheet


Letter link-up

This is a great way for your child to learn about letters and spelling with this fun matching game. Draw a line from each image to the letter its name begins with. Print out more than one sheet and see how quickly your child can do each one.

Download your letter link-up sheet


A big bag of sound

Use a bag or an empty pillow case, stuff it with goodies and ask your little one to sound out the sounds of the word as you go. A fun and simple way to learn name associations.

Download your big bag of sound sheet


Spot the odd one out

Which image doesn’t quite fit? Can your child figure out the differences? If it’s too easy, set a time limit. Too hard? Give little hints as you go.

Download your spot the odd one out sheet


Treasure hunt

Whether you fancy a game indoors or out, this handy activity sheet will talk you through setting up the perfect treasure hunt for your child. Also a great fun activity for playdates.

Download your treasure hunt sheet


Rhyme lines

Match the words to pictures that make the same rhyming noise. A fun and colourful game that’ll keep your child busy (and thinking!).

Download your rhyme lines sheet


Set the scene

Help your child to cut out these fun characters and then place them where they belong in the scene. Add some speech bubbles for extra fun.

Download your set the scene sheet


Spot the difference

Is there a paw missing, a cable or a tooth? Is something a different colour? See if your child can find all of the differences and then mark them in carefully – developing skills for good pencil control.


Download your spot the difference sheet

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