Free early writing activity sheets to print out

Download fun activity sheets to help your child build vital writing skills


These activity sheets, from handwriting specialists Stabilo, will help your little one get to grips with early writing by creating shapes, finishing pictures and joining the dots.


Find out how to help your child learn to write early

Making shapes

Hickory, Dickory and Dock run all over the house following different pathways. Follow their pathways and then see what letters you can make from the same shapes.

Download your free making shapes activity sheet here


Join the dots

Join the dots to draw the grandfather clock and then colour it in.

Download your free join the dots activity sheet here


Early Writers

Use this shape to finish the pictures on this sheet and see what Dock has found.


Download your free early writers activity sheet here


Sing and wiggle

Sing along with the nursery rhyme Hickory, dickory dock!

Download your free nursery rhyme activity sheet here

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