Mini makes: Cute penguin to make with your toddler

Use an outgrown jumper and our easy step-by-step guide to create a cuddly penguin your tot will adore...

cute penguin craft for child

What you’ll need

  • A sleeve from an old jumper
  • Finely cut up old socks
  • Scraps of white felt or fabric
  • 2 buttons
  • Sewing kit
  • Scissors & pins

Step 1

Turn the jumper sleeve inside out, then measure 14cms across the width and draw a straight line.

From this line, measure up 19cms and at the top of this, draw a curved arch shape, then cut the fabric 1.5cm below the straight line and 1.5cm above the curved line.


Step 2

Pin the curved edge to hold it in place, and sew around the top using back stitch.


Step 3

Turn the sleeve the right way round and stuff with finely cut socks. Pull the bottom edges in, pin, and then sew using over and over stitching.

Before closing completely, stuff with the cut up old socks – but make sure the corners are filled in too.


Step 4

Cut out a white chest, beak, flippers and feet from scraps of felt. Sew these on.

Stitch the two buttons on for eyes, and voila, your little one’s cuddly toy is complete!


For more ideas…

Packed with lots of fun, eco-friendly craft ideas, why not treat your tot to ‘ReCraft,’ £12.99, by Frances Lincoln.

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