Mums fall out over parenting remarks

Top 10 most cutting comments by other mums revealed


A third of mums have fallen out with fellow mothers after receiving unwanted parenting advice.


Results of a study of 2,000 women conducted by Huggies Pull-Ups revealed that mothers are disagreeing with other mums, their own mother or their mother-in-law when it comes to parenting.

Remarks made on a child’s development, behaviour, growth and eating and sleeping habits were said to cause the biggest rifts between mums and their friends, while potty training was shown to be the most common cause for disagreements.

And a quarter of mums confessed that some comments made them so upset they stopped talking to the person dishing out advice. 

Here are the top 10 cutting remarks about toddlers:

1.     ‘Aren’t they tall/short?!’
2.     ‘When my child was that age, they were walking/talking’
3.     ‘Your child is very boisterous’
4.     ‘They should be talking more by now’
5.     ‘They should be sleeping through the night by now’
6.     ‘You shouldn’t give them a dummy’
7.     ‘They don’t eat very well, do they?’
8.     ‘They should be walking by now’
9.     ‘They should be crawling by now’
10.   ‘They should have given up their dummy by now’

‘Many of the comments will often come from other people comparing the child to their own, or someone else’s, but it’s important to remember than all youngsters develop at different speeds,’ said Emma Kenny, child psychologist and spokesperson for Pull-Ups.

‘When the time is right to start potty training, the key for parents is to be patient, to encourage their child and offer lots of praise and support. Parents shouldn’t worry about off-the-cuff remarks as what is normal for one child might be completely different for another.’

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