Our MFM mums share their New Year’s resolutions

Eating fewer biscuits and having more patience... Find out what MFM mums are promising they'll do next year


“I want to eat better – I eat far too many biscuits! I’m getting a bump and although I know it’s baby tummy, I want to be careful with what I eat. Also, eating so many biscuits makes Baby Jones go nuts and have a party inside!”
Corrinne, mum-to-be


“Definitely to have more patience. I’d also like to eat as a family round the table and always have at least three nights’ meals frozen in the freezer for when I’m tired or lazy!”
Laura, mum to Jack and Lola

“Mine is to put my washing away when it’s done! It always gets left and never put away so I end up wearing the same things, just get them out of the ironing basket, wear them, then they go back in to the wash basket without touching a draw!
Vicky, mum to Freya

“Eat more healthily, plan meals properly and have them ready for tea-time every day. Less of the brown crispy stuff, more proper home cooked food! I also hope to have a routine and stick to it, be on time (wherever we need to go) be organised, go to bed earlier, keep on top of the washing and maybe get some me time. Just a few!”
Jo, mum to Harry 10, Bridie 9, Erin 7, Arthur 4, Arwen 3, Matilda 21 months, and Merlin 7 months

“I’d like to join some mum and baby groups with my daughter so that both of us get to make some new friends and she can have fun and hopefully learn new skills at the same time.”
Amy, mum to Sara, 3 months

“I know I need to shed a few pounds, so we’re going to look at healthy eating as a family in the new year. I want to be a good example of healthy living to my children from now on, so I’ve it’s time to get tough and ban the takeaways.”
Lucy, mum to Alfie, 3, and Joshua, 1

“Two of my main priorities will be making sure we take a family photo every month, not just a picture of our baby, Natasha. I also plan to take her swimming regularly and read to her every day.”
Nicola, mum to Naomi, 6 months

“I’m planning to catch up on all the housework and keep my house as tidy as possible. That means a major de-clutter, including clothes and toys, and a trip to the shops to find some new storage!”
Alaina, mum to Fiona, 3, and Andrew, 7 months


Whether you’ve been inspired but the MFM’s resolutions or you’ve got a few of your own, we’d love to hear about them!

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