6 new mum beauty saviours

Reckon you have no time to look good now you’re a gal with a bump or a family? Think again!


Getting your head – and timetable – round the idea of a beauty routine when you’ve got the nursery run, breastfeeding or pregnancy tests to think about, can seem impossible. But whether your beauty nemesis is your body hair, cellulite, or teeth, there are some easy new products that take a fraction of your time and will help you feel like one yummy mummy or mum-to-be again. Lead the way with these beauty saviours…


Cellulite-busting leggings

Yes, that’s right! You’ll be pleased to know that your trusted mum wardrobe staple is now available in a wobbly bits-busting version. Damart’s new slimline leggings, from £18, claim to trim up to 3.1cm from your thighs. They’re made from a fabric containing shea butter and caffeine to help ‘mobilise fat’.

Beauty expert Joanna Webb explains the science behind them. “Shea butter nourishes the skin with vitamins such as A, E and F. These protect, repair and rejuvenate dry and damaged skin, perfect for post pregnancy thigh, tummy and leg areas, the most difficult parts to combat cellulite.”

And the caffeine? “It works as a stimulant,” says Joanne. “When applied externally it helps eliminate toxins and excess fluids. It’s also proven to be beneficial as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in these areas.”

The caffeine and shea butter are stored in the fabric as micro capsules so the vitamins are released gradually, guaranteeing the legging’s effectiveness for 20 washes.


Continuous wear contact lenses

If you’d love to ditch those glasses, but really don’t have time for fiddly lenses, you’re in luck. Now there are new ‘all day/all night’ lenses you wear for a month at a time. Yes, you heard right! They’re ideal for busy mums as they don’t have to be taken out to be cleaned and stored but can be left in for up to 30 days.

Sandip Sahota, clinical director and resident optometrist, at the Eye To Eye clinic, explains how they work. “They’re made from a material that provides six times more oxygen to the eye compared to other lenses, letting the eyes breathe, so giving a longer wearing time without compromising the health of the eye.”


Magic bottom and leg toning trainers

Toning shoes have been around for a while in a variety of designs, none of which have really impressed us on the style front. But these new magic shoes from Reebok, from £58, look just like trainers, so when you’re clocking up a circuit to the nursery and back, no one need know that you’re also doing a fab job toning your legs and bottom while you walk.

Reebok claims the trainers create up to 28 per cent more muscle use in the gluteus maximus (that means wearing a pair of these lovelies will give you a pert bottie to die for!).


Laser hair removal in your home

Bikini line looking more Amazonian than Brazilian? ‘Down there’ grooming gets left behind when you’re a busy mum. But now you can get rid of all that fuzz permanently (and while you’re watching Corrie) with home laser hair removal. “Laser removal destroys all unwanted hair growth by passing a light beam of laser through the skin, which stops any future growth,” says Joanna Webb. “The area being treated will be fully cleared of hair after 4-6 treatments.”

So, how do you do it? The Rio Salon Laser Scanning X60 Hair Remover costs £201.95, but when you consider the cost of waxing/hair removing creams for the rest of your life it’s a good investment (or the perfect early Christmas pressie from the man in your life!).

Good dental hygiene is vital during pregnancy

Invisible braces

Ever since Tom Cruise showed his train track smile, parents with braces were a-ok. Still, it’s time-consuming having the traditional braces fitted, not to mention having to watch what you eat and clean round them while they’re in.

Step forward Invisalign, a new type of teeth straightening device that’s more like a very thin gum guard. You take it out to eat, but wear it the rest of the time. “They’re virtually invisible,” says Dr Thang Nghiem of Ultrasmile, the company behind Invisalign. “They’re more comfortable to wear and completely removable for better oral hygiene maintenance and when eating.”

Invisalign’s not cheap (think around £4k for both top and bottom teeth), but you can spread the cost of payments. Let’s face it, achieving that beautiful smile for the family portrait has got to be priceless. Go to www.ultrasmile.co.uk for info.


Eyebrow threading

It’s amazing how a tweak at that mummy monobrow can take years off you. But no need to wrestle with the tweezers yourself. Try threading!

“It involves loops of twisted cotton trapping unwanted hair and removing them from the root,” explains Joanna Webb.

Beauticians swear by it – not only because it gives great shape but also because it lasts so much longer than plucking (up to six weeks we’ve heard from one mum).

Zuzka Kratka from Lost in Beauty says, “Threading’s been used in India for hundreds of years. It removes all the small hairs you can’t really get to with tweezers.”

Once available only at smaller beauticians, department stores and salons now also offer the treatment. Expect to pay up to £15 per treatment.


Mums’ stories

“After a UK holiday I was desperate for some colour on my skin. I went for the Australian Gold Spray Tan (from £25, call 0845 600 0203 for your nearest salon). It only took three minutes – I barely had time to park the buggy! And it’s 70 per cent organic, too.”

Heidi Johnson, 28, mum to Joshua, 18 months, from Basingstoke

“Dying my eyelashes saves so much time and means I don’t have to worry about panda eyes. I like Coloursport’s 30 day mascara’”


Sarah Taylor, 35, mum to Milly, 2, from Leeds

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