How to publicise your fundraising event

There are lots of ways you can get the word out to the masses. We show you how...

Letting your donors see exactly what you’re doing in the build up to the event via social media will get you more followers and likes!

Use social media


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and blogs are great way to spread the word about your run. You can reach a vast audience while in the comfort of your own home and keep your donors up-to-date with your fundraising progress via pictures, videos and regular statuses. Asking your pals to share your social media posts and creating a hashtag unique to your event will promote it even further.

Write a press release

Taking the time to write down your story in detail is vital, as sharing your tale with local newspapers and radio stations will give new life to your what you’re doing and trying to achieve. Many charities, such as Tommy’s, will publicise your cause on your behalf. You may even touch those, who are going or have been through, a similar experience.

The when & where

Where you’re running is important, because if it’s near a public venue, you can use that to your advantage when trying to spread the word about your fundraiser. If it’s near a school or local community centre, get the school to send letters to parents, ask the council to bring it up as a talking point at the town meeting, or ask them to stick up flyers to make the neighbourhood more aware of what you’re doing.

Pick up the phone

Once you’ve spread the word, either by flyering around town, social networking, or knocking door-to-door, make sure to chase up on any leads with a follow-up phonecall. Send your story to local businesses, offices, and media outlets, and then ring a few days later to see whether they would be interested in supporting you. Every little bit of endorsement helps. 

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