Is this the most bizarre new mum relaxation therapy ever?

Otonamaki happening in Tokyo, but we're not sure it will happen here any time soon...


We have to admit, when we first read (in The Mirror) about Japanese trend ‘Otonamaki’ – we checked the date to make sure it wasn’t 1 April.


But no, apparently, in some parts of Tokyo at least, Otonamaki – wrapping adults up a bit like you’d swaddle a baby – is the latest relaxation technique, said to be especially popular with new mums.

Say WHAT?!!!!

The practice involves sitting cross-legged and being wrapped in a sheet, after which you get rocked gently to. Apparently, it’s said to loosen your muscles and bones.

A not-for-profit organisation recently tried it out on new mums one of whom said: “It felt warm and there was this feeling with my body. I have never experienced this before so it’s quite hard to describe properly.”

There you go….

The bizarre concept has been devised by a midwife called Mrs Katayama, who says:

“We call baby swaddling in Japan ‘doll wrap’.

“We wrap them in cloths and they sleep very well like that. I believe this came about when someone thought about doing this with adults.

“When we tried it, it was very relaxing.”

As you can imagine, Otonamaki has had its fair share of critics – some saying it doesn’t do anything it all, others suggesting it might actually be damaging for anyone who has a back problem.

We have to say, we can’t really see it taking off over here though.

Surely there are better ways to relax after a busy day with the baby – cup of tea and Emmerdale, anyone?

Yep, that’s definitely more us ?

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