Post-baby weight loss

Four ways to start getting your figure back after the birth.


Once you’ve got that gorgeous little baby in your arms, it may not be long before you start worrying about losing those left-over pregnancy pounds.


Don’t. Give yourself time to rest and recuperate. Your body needs time to recover from that nine-month stretch and get used to nourishing a new little life.

Once you have established feeding and are starting to feel more like yourself again, then you can start thinking about getting back in shape.

Some new mums are lucky enough to find the weight slips off. For most of us, this is not the case. If you fall into this category, you could try to employ the following four-point plan to kick-start your weight loss:

MOTIVATION: you need to gear yourself up mentally to shed the extra pounds. It is perfectly normal and healthy to put on extra inches when you are expecting so don’t beat yourself up about it. Now you have to make an effort to lose it.

EAT PROPERLY: Do not be tempted to crash diet. This could damage your health at a time when you must try and stay as fit and healthy as possible to look after your baby well. A balanced diet containing plenty of fruit and vegetables is nest, while high-fibre will make you feel full and prevent you from getting hungry too quickly.

EXERCISE: Choose safe activities like swimming, yoga and walking. You can start exercising two to three months after giving birth once you have regained your strength and been given the go-ahead by your doctor. Remember, pushing a pram or pushchair is great exercise: stand up straight, take long strides and go at a brisk pace for maximum benefit.

HYDRATE: Drink lots of water. It will help fill you up and also promote good health. Always have a bottle of water in baby’s changing bag and slug from it regularly.

Looking for post-pregnancy diet help? Check out the Prima Baby Diet Club HERE.


Note: if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you cannot be provided with a diet plan. 

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