10 mums share what their living room looks like *right now*

Ever wondered if your toy-filled lounge is out of the ordinary? Well, wonder no more, thanks to these real life pics...


When we put up a pic on social media of one of the MFM team’s lounges – in its usual, toy-filled state – and asked mums to share what theirs looked like, at that very moment, we were inundated with responses.


TV presenter and MFM Awards judge Anna Williamson joined in the chat on Instagram saying hers is “full of plastic!!!” and lots of you happily shared snaps of your own homes.

Some were surprisingly tidy, some (expectedly) full of toys – but all were real, everyday, lived-in living rooms.

Take a look at 10 of our favourite living room snapshots…

1. Submitted by: Lisa L


“My daughter Scarlett age 4 takes great pleasure constantly tipping her toys out… here’s her ‘oops Mummy has caught me’ look! Xx”

2. Submitted by: Natasha D


“More toys in the other corner shelf behind me but this is from where I’m sitting at the minute.

“My daughter is 4 and these are mostly hers, our son has most of his in his room so they don’t get broken ?”

3. Submitted by: Hayley B


“I have 2 boys. Harvey is 2 and a half and Leo is 4 months. My clothes horse is a permanent fixture these days!”

4. Submitted by: Marinela S


“My almost 9-month-old baby boy playing area… nicely arranged by mommy for the early wake/play time xx”

5. Submitted by: Kerry R


“There we go! Our two year old whirlwind loves train tractors and cars. Embrace the mess – they won’t be little long? “

6. Submitted by: Louise H


“Absolute tip at the moment complete with nappy that’s just been changed. ?  Will all be tidied once my 9 month old has finished his feed ?”

7. Submitted by: Susanna J


 “He is 8 months old. No matter how hard I try I can’t keep the lounge tidy!”

8. Submitted by: Rolenie L


 “Let’s call it a night! ? Boy is 2 years and 10 months, girl is 1 year and 9 months.”

9. Submitted by: Jo C


“Charlie and his toynami. Aged 3.”

10. Submitted by: Laura N



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