The ultimate guide to shaping up post-baby

MFM uncovers the best advice and easiest workouts for busy mums to get fit, shape up and feel better in 2013


Be honest, how many of us have “get into shape” on our list of goals for 2012? If you’re embarking on your return to fitness post-baby, it can be tricky to find the time and the energy to make a difference. Plus, it’s likely the way you view your body has changed.


So MFM has compiled the best tips and tricks from all our experts so you can pick the best option for you to shape up, improve your fitness and hopefully lose your baby belly too.

Take a stroll

Losing your baby weight by walking is a great way to ease yourself back into exercise.

For an easy way to get started, try our week-by-week walking program. Then, when you’re into the swing of things, add in a few of our easy at-home new mum exercises.

Exercising with a baby in tow

Getting into a routine that lets you take your baby along is ideal in the early months and years, especially if you can’t leave your little one with anyone. As well as walking or jogging with your buggy, there are lots of classes now offered for both of you to enjoy. (Find your local classes with MFM Neighbourhood.) These include swimming with your little one and baby yoga.

For an all-in-one view, try out our complete fitness routine to reclaim your body after pregnancy.

Working out at home

Often it’s too much hassle to leave the house, so it’s good to have a few easy exercises up your sleeve that you can do from home or in front of the TV.

Immediately post baby, it’s a good idea to take it easy, so we asked an expert to create a mini postnatal workout to get you going. Once you’re ready, you could move onto the next step – we love these 6 easy DIY mum exercises.

And our friends at Pushy Mothers have put together these great exercises you can do in your front room.

Need some encouragement? Using a fitness DVD can help keep you going – here are our favourites.

Need something quicker? You might find that step-by-step guides work best for you when you can grab a few spare moments.

    •    An entire fitness plan in 4 easy steps
    •    4 quick daily exercises
    •    5 steps to bye-bye mum tum

Eat yourself fit

On a gloomy January evening it’s easy to fall prey to the temptation to snaffle down some sweet treats, so remember these tricks to banish unhealthy cravings and if you’re having trouble, check out our 25 ways to stick to your diet.

Fancy some celeb inspiration? Here’s what diets celebrity mummys are on – any you’d try?


If your diet’s just not shifting those extra pounds around your problem areas, why not try this idea that promises weight loss by working with your genetics.

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