Update your new mum looks with easy eyeliner

Get ‘look at me eyes’ in an instant with our six easy styles.


Update your new mum looks with easy eyeliner

Look one: THE CAT


This look gives a beautiful finish to the outer corners of each eye.

Suits: It flatters a smaller eye as less black is used over the lid.

Application: Start the line in the centre of the lid on the bed of the top lashes; keep the line fine graduating up into the outer corner of your eye.

Drag the liner back on itself and create a point by painting the outer corner of the lower lashes. This has an amazing effect on opening out the eyes.

Mascara:  It looks pretty just on top of the lashes but the eye is more defined with it on top and bottom.

Tip: This is a perfect shape to experiment with brown or grey shades.  These colours give a lovely accent and sparkle to the eye preventing the look becoming too hard.


Update your new mum looks with easy eyeliner

Look two: THE FLICK

This is the most feminine finish.

Suits: 50’s inspired, this look can be adapted to flatter all eye shapes.

Application:  Start applying the liner from the inner corner out. Tip your head back and lift your brow to stretch your lids; this will keep your skin tight so your line will be sharp. Keep the line fine to start and slowly build up to avoid any mistakes.

To get a delicate fine line at the inner corner of each eye, look in the opposite direction to tighten the skin. It is really important that the eyeliner starts and finishes with a fine point.

Mascara: Keep your mascara heavy use black to give a sexier flirty edge.

Tip: Balance your elbow on a table to keep it steady to ensure a perfect line.


Update your new mum looks with easy eyeliner

Look three: THE HALF MOON

This look is instantaneous, and even the wobbliest of hands will be able to conquer this line.

Suits: All eyes as it has a wonderful thickening effect on your top lashes without even really seeing the line.

Application: Change the angle of your brush and paint the lashes from a 90-degree angle to your face rather than from the side. This will help the liner stay at the root and not on the lid.

Mascara: This is a natural look so just one pretty coat of black or brown mascara will finish the classic look.

Tip: Don’t extend the eyeliner further than the lash line- it needs to stay invisible.


Update your new mum looks with easy eyeliner


This is the ultimate day to night liner look. Enhance the liner you have had on all day by layering another coat over the fifties inspired shape.

Application:  Trace a line along the lower lashes. Next, take a cotton bud and smudge the line to make it soft and smoky. Apply as much liner as you like until you have achieved the perfect smouldering finish.

Mascara: Apply lashing of mascara to top and bottom lashes to give even more oomph to those eyes.

Tip: Ensure you smudge the line before it dries.


Update your new mum looks with easy eyeliner

Look five: THE SWALLOW

This line is inspired by the beautiful make-up worn by Cleopatra. It has a harder finish to it with a fine wing on each side.

Application: Line the eye with liquid liner top and bottom and then extend the flick slightly lower, finishing just level with the top of your lid. This is bold statement make-up and looks amazing matched with naturally glossy skin and pretty soft lips.

Mascara: To complete this dramatic look use two coats of lash-lengthening black mascara. To ensure that your eyes are not hiding behind the liner use a soft black kohl pencil inside the eyes.

Tip: Line the lower lashes first so that you don’t imprint top eyeliner on your eye socket when you look up to apply the lower line.


Update your new mum looks with easy eyeliner

Look six: THE WING

This is the big eyeliner shape of 2008 worn by celebs such as Amy Winehouse.

Application: To ensure that both eyes are balanced trace the shape first with a kohl pencil/liner. Then simply fill in with liquid eyeliner. To achieve the most flattering shape, trace an imaginary line from the outer corner of your eye up to the end of your brow; this gives the perfect angle.

Mascara: Apply black to the outer lashes to give flirty feminine look.


Tip: Use the side of the brush in sweeping motions to fill in the liner rather than the tip as it will be quicker.

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