Why joining the ‘mums club’ boosts your social life after having a baby

A woman’s circle of friends increases by nine after birth, according to new research


We all have a close-knit set of pals we talk to on a regular basis, but once you become a mum you can expect to transform into a social butterfly – according to research by Natures Purest.


Once the pitter-patter of tiny feet arrives, a woman’s circle of friends grows on average from a mere 13 to a huge 22.

Of the 2000 women polled, 53% said it easy to make new pals because of mother and baby classes and antenatal classes being so welcoming, while four in 10 revealed it was comforting to share their mum dilemmas with other like-minded women.  

“Having a baby is a life-changing experience, especially if you’re a first time mum, so it’s important to have friends in a similar position,” said founder Jane Albon.

“There is a misconception in society that starting a family will mean you are stuck indoors but it’s simply not true. Our research shows the opposite.”


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