10% of children can’t ride a bike – scared parents to blame

‘Stranger danger’ fears mean children are not playing outside enough to learn how to ride a bicycle


One in ten children under 16 do not know how to ride a bicycle according to a new study. The rise in non-pedalling tots is being blamed on parents being so worried about safety and abductions that they’re not letting their children play outside enough.


The survey of over 2000 adults, carried out by cereal brand Kellogg’s Bran Flakes, coincides with National Bike Week (13-21 June). Other reasons for children not getting on their bikes included parents being worried about too much traffic on the roads, children spending too much time indoors on computer games and busy mums and dads having less time to teach their children the basics.

Nearly half of all parents questioned said they did not think it was particularly important that their children knew how to ride a bike. Indeed, a third of homes in the UK do not even have a bike.

However, the study found that more than half of parents would cycle more if there was a better network of cycle paths. To find your nearest cycle routes, check out this map of Cycle Route Networks.


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