Babies and toddlers suffer from mental illness too, say experts

New study reveals that mental illnesses can affect babies and young children but they’re not likely to be treated


Babies and toddlers can suffer from mental illnesses just like adults, but lack of understanding means they don’t get treatment, according to a study by the Universities of Louisiana State and California.


Due to the belief that babies are immune to the effects of trauma and they grow out of behavioral and emotional problems, they aren’t getting treatment that may help them avoid any long term damage.

The study by researchers investigated mental healthcare for children 0 to 5 years and found that babies and young children do react to the meaning of other’s intentions and emotions and can therefore develop mental disorders.


“Infants make meaning about themselves and their reaction to the world of people and things,” the study has said. When this “meaning making” goes awry, it can see mental health problems arise.

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