Child at school? That’s 1,236 hours of homework – for you

Thought the school holidays were hard work? You haven't even started yet!


Back to school, back to some blinking hard work – for us mums. Yes, forget what your children have to get down to; the people who really get their noses to the grindstone once term starts are us. 


Over your child’s school years, you’re going to be washing 1404 loads of school uniform, according to a new survey by Clarks. That’s 1404 loads per child, by the way (maybe best not to do the maths, if you’ve more than one!)

You’ll also be sewing up 49 holes (per child) in school trousers, shirts and jumpers, making 37 costumes for school plays, theme days and assemblies, and cleaning and buffing scuffs 125 times from school shoes.

Oh, and that’s all before you even get started on helping with 1,236 hours of homework.

Phew! We need a sit down after all that.

Are your kids back at school yet? And does that make you happy or sad?

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