Children are better at playing computer games than tying shoelaces!

Research reveals children under 5 are undeveloped in traditional milestones but excelling in digital ones


Practical skills in children under 5 are becoming more and more undeveloped as digital skills take over, a new study as shown, reports the Telegraph.


The ‘Digital Diaries’ survey looked at 2,200 mums and their children in 11 countries, and found children under 5 years are more likely to be able to play a computer game than tie their own shoe laces.

It was also found less than two in 10 of the children studied could swim unaided, but 23% could easily make a call on a mobile phone without assistance.

Worryingly, less than half of the children knew their own home address and only a third were able to write their own name.


British kids were more “plugged in” with less real life skills than other children in other nations, according to the research.

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