Final baby countdown for Jacqueline Jossa

The EastEnders actress is getting cosy at home - while Dan plans an unwelcome surprise for labour day


Jacqueline Jossa doesn’t have long to go before her first baby is born, so the mum-to-be is enjoying the peace and quiet and time off work while she can! Wearing some rather stylish pyjamas and a slinky dressing gown, Jac puts a hand on her bump.


“I am too cosy right now!” she commented on the selfie.

The 22-year-old is clearly getting into nesting mode ahead of her baby’s due date in February. We can’t help but notice the stair gate in the background of her pic – not sure if she’s being super forward-thinking or it’s for Teddy, the toddler son of her boyfriend Dan Osborne, or for a family dog.

Jacqueline has also revealed that Dan (below with Jacqueline at the National TV Awards last week) will be by her side for the birth – but he might not be as helpful as she hopes.


“I want to do a selfie while she’s screaming the place down,” he joked. Errm, Dan we don’t think that’s very funny!

But Jac is clearly going for a more relaxed and natural birth. “I’m following my sister’s footsteps and attempting a water birth,” she told Ok! magazine. “I’d like it to be as natural as it can be.” 

Photos: Instagram / Jacqueline Jossa

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