Hells Angels block babygro company

Babywear retailer stops selling its baby outfit with a design similar to the Hells Angels logo


Nippaz with Attitude, a babywear clothing company, has been told to stop selling a babywear item that features a graphic deemed too close to the original Hells Angels logo, reports the Metro.


The London baby company, which cites celebrities such as Madonna and Liam Gallagher as customers, said it created the design to pay respect to the world famous biker group.

However Hells Angels decided the design was too similar to their famous winged skull logo and involved their lawyers.

Nippaz with Attitude later received a letter from Hells Angels’ lawyers demanding it stop selling the product straight away.  Fearing a hefty lawsuit, Nippaz with Attitude gave in and removed the product.

“We have to give in because we can’t afford to fight them,” said a staff member of the company.


It was recently reported in the US that Hells Angels motorcycle club had settled a lawsuit with Alexander McQueen fashion house regarding trademark issues.

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