Is ‘papa’ becoming the new ‘dada’? These hipster parents reckon so

In certain parts of the US, 'dad' is out and 'papa' is in - but will this trend ever spread to the UK?


Nothing wrong with the name ‘dad’, right?


Wrong! Or at least according to many dads living in the Brooklyn area of New York City, that is.

The Daily Beast reports that these ‘hipster’ dads, in their 30s and 40s, don’t want to be called ‘dad’ anymore – and have adopted the moniker ‘papa’ instead.

The old-school term is coming back into fashion after originally peaking in popularity around the 1870s, according to the same report.

Writer Lizzie Cocker also interviewed several papas, and here’s the reasons they gave for the name-switch:

“I have fond memories of my dad, but we weren’t that close, so when I became a parent I wanted to be a little more approachable.”

“Papa’ is a little hipper, a little more familiar and friendlier than ‘dad’.”

“I feel like the word papa nowadays has so many meanings. We live in an age when fathers are more in touch with their feminine sides and are all right with playing dress-up and putting on makeup with their daughters.”

And the general consensus was this: ‘dad’ was a bit boring, a bit too suburban, and reminded people too much of their own dads.

What we think

Of course… this is all taking place in certain parts of the US.

And we know that what your child calls you can be very much dependent on where you live – as well as your personal preference.

One of the MFM team is a Geordie, and as such refers to her mum as ‘mam’ – and thinks ‘papa’ is a term for a granddad.

While another member of the team says her 5-year-old calls her ‘mumma’, but her Irish husband refers to her as ‘mammy’.

And between us, we haven’t met many ‘papas’ at all.

Have your say

This is fascinating stuff! We’d love to know if any of you out there know any papas, mamas, etc – and why they’ve decided to do things a bit differently?

Or perhaps you’ve decided to go for a variation of ‘mum’ and would be willing to tell us why?

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