Is Santa Claus turning into Scrooge?

How the man in red has increased his grotto prices by 100% in the last two years


It seems Santa may be on many parent’s naughty list this year after increasing his grotto prices.


The loveable gift-giver has obviously felt the recession’s pinch after raising the cost for children visiting him by 100% since 2010.

Research, conducted by Watch My Wallet, found that up and down the country shopping centres are charging more, with the likes of Harrods asking for £10 a visit, compared to £5 last year.

Scotland’s stunning Threave House is fixed on a £5 fee compared to it’s previous £3, and Hamley’s festive breakfast experience with the man in red has risen to £45, an additional £10 compared to two years before.

And it seems Santa can come with other, not always known, additional fees, as parents admit they’ve been confronted with extra costs for gifts, photos, and even compulsory charity donations.

Although the big man has had to re-evaluate his business plan, surely it’s the experience for your little one that counts?

But, if you don’t want to face the steep costs, you could always get dad to don the infamous outfit, or get your brood to play dress up in some of these festive outfits.

Or why not bring the magic of the season to your home instead, with Christmas crafts to make, snowmen cupcakes to bake, and decorations galore to deck your house with!

What do you think of Santa’s rising prices?

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