Parents admit promise of sugary treats helps kids behave

More than two thirds of parents own up to using food as a reward while 53% say they ‘bribe’ their kids with sweet snacks


Mums and dads have admitted that when it comes to getting their kids to behave, sweets and chocolate are often their  answer.


In a survey carried out by discount website MyVoucherCodes, 67% of parents polled said they use food as a reward for their children’s good behaviour. Each of the 1,197 parents that took part had children aged between 2 and 6 years old. Nearly half said they used sweets and chocolates as a reward while just 7% used fruit to encourage their children to behave.

Mums and dads found that by encouraging good behaviour with a sweet treat, their children tended to continue to be good. Plus, 29% revealed they use food because it’s cheaper than buying toys.

But it isn’t just rewarding kids that’s got parents turning to the fizzy drinks and crisps. Of those polled, 53% admit to using food as a bribe. When asked to elaborate 78% of these parents said it was when they need their child to behave. 

Do you turn to the treat cupboard to reward or ‘bribe’ your children? Does it work?


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