Parents juggle 14 ‘jobs’ to bring up baby

New survey claims parenting would be salaried at £60,000 a year


From cooking and cleaning, to nursing the children and driving them to school, parents take on a whopping 12 jobs at a time, according to a new study by Tesco Mobile.


A survey of 2,001 parents and grandparents conducted by Vision Critical in June 2012 revealed the hours they put in as a parent would earn them £60,645 a year in the workplace.

And it’s not just at home that parents are working hard, with 64% juggling their 14 ‘family’ roles alongside full or part time work.

Chief Executive of the Family and Parenting Institute Dr Katherine Rake said:  “Mums today not only work longer hours both at work and within the home, but are also the lynchpin of family life and the hub for family communication.”

“Parents today are under pressure from all sorts of angles, so whist they should be celebrated for their multi-tasking magnitude, they always appreciate support in balancing work, life, childcare and managing the family finances.”

Here at MFMs we’ve always known parents are worth their weight in gold. How do you manage your parenting ‘jobs’? Let us know below… 

Photo: Jonathan Colon


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