Smallest baby in the world finally leaves hospital after six months

Premature birth in Germany hailed as a miracle


The survival of the world’s smallest baby is being called a medical miracle in Germany.


The baby boy was born weighing 9.7oz – lighter then a can coke – in Germany last June, and was kept in an incubator until December, before finally being allowed home with his parents for the first time.

The baby was just 27cm in length when born prematurely. A photo has just been released as doctors only now believe he is strong enough to survive.

The baby, nicknamed Tom Thumb by doctors, was born 15 weeks early by caesarean, spending six months in intensive care and growing to 3.7kg, before doctors allowed him to go home.


A spokesperson for the Gottingen Hospital where he was born said the danger has now passed for the little boy. “He was most vulnerable when his organs were underdeveloped. Now he is the weight of a normal baby and healthy in every way.”

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