UK primary schools spend £315,000 challenging Sats grades

Number of Sats papers sent back for re-marking goes up 10% as schools battle for better grades


Over 35,000 Sats paper grades were challenged by primary schools across the UK this year. Questioning the validity of the grades, head teachers opted to pay the £9 per paper to have them re-marked, spending a total of £315,000.


English and Maths test results for children aged 11 years old proved to be the biggest cause for concern, with teachers eager to see them graded higher. Over 29,000 English Sats papers were sent back for marking, with the overall figure of challenges rising by 10,000 from 2010, according to the Department for Education.

Members of the National Association of Head Teachers also complained that questions were only suited to those children whose parents regularly took them on trips or could provide access to lots of books. A lack of any element of fiction was also noted, suggesting that the tests themselves are at fault as well as the marking system.

One in 10 of the papers that were re-marked were awarded a higher grade. This works out to be 0.3% of all the papers marked this year. Schools minister Nick Gibb notes that this is actually the same as 2010.

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