Downloadable colouring sheets – The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists!

Free colouring activities to download and print, featuring characters from the hit movie The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists! Ideal for mini movie buffs and general pirate lovers alike.


Charles Darwin

This young academic is serious, socially inept and something of a nerd. But, his luck may change!


Download your Charlies Darwin colouring sheet


Mr Bobo

The world’s first Man-panzee is super smart but gets a little frustrated as he has to communicate through flash cards. He is much smarter than his companions though.

Download your Mr Bobo colouring sheet


Queen Victoria

Victoria rules nearly a quarter of the globe but despises pirates. All she wants is a dodo!

Download your Queen Victoria colouring sheet


The Pirate Captain

The Pirate Captain has everything a pirate could want…except the coveted title of Pirate of the Year. Unfortunately his plans normally end in disaster.

Download your The Pirate Captain colouring sheet


The Pirate with a Scarf

He’s the Captain’s trusty deputy and also called Number Two. He’s almost too loyal but the Captain knows he can rely on him.

Download your The Pirate with a Scarf colouring sheet


Albino Pirate

This young chap is a bit nervous and easily confused, he adores the Captain and is a bit prone to blurting out lies.

Download your Albino Pirate colouring sheet


Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate

This pirate is the most pirate-y of them all and all he wants to do is fight. But is he actually a woman…?

Download your Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate colouring sheet


Black Bellamy

He’s a bit troublesome… and out to cause trouble. He’s always pushing the Captain’s buttons.

Download your Black Bellamy colouring sheet


Cutlass Liz

As much as they hate to admit it, all the pirates have a crush on Cutlass Liz. A woman in a man’s world, she knows just what to do to get her own way.

Download your Cutlass Liz colouring sheet


The Pirate King

Image Elvis, a Shakespearean ruler and a pirate all in one and you’ve got The Pirate King.

Download your The Pirate King colouring sheet


Peg Leg Hastings

What pirate gang is complete without one with a wooden leg? Enter Peg Leg Hastings.

Download your Peg Leg Hastings colouring sheet


The Pirate With Gout

It’s crutches at dawn as The Pirate With Gout joins the line-up of pirate-y pirates.

Download your The Pirate With Gout colouring sheet



Last but not least, who could forget Polly the dodo? The feathery heart and soul of the pirate ship.


Download your Polly colouring sheet

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