Five toddler play ideas for a wet weekend

These weatherproof ideas from In The Night Garden editor Sara Oldham will help your child learn


Colouring in

Your toddler’s mini-masterpieces may look like scribbles, but they’re helping him build confidence to start writing. Try drawing around his hand and adding a face to it, then ask him to draw his own. You’re bound to end up with a jumble of unrecognisable lines, but there will be lots of fun, too.

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Telling Stories

The best stories for your toddler have big pictures and repetitive sounds for reading aloud. Ask your child to tell you a story that he can invent from the pictures in a book or magazine. He’ll be likely to come up with all kinds of crazy capers!

Teddy bear

Furry friends

Your toddler will love using her imagination to tell you about her favourite toys. You could use her teddies for story time and give her toys funny voices to guarantee some laughs.


Personalised jigsaw

Create a jigsaw puzzle for your toddler by tearing up drawings or pictures from magazines. They’ll make a great DIY jigsaw puzzle for your toddler to play with.

IgglePiggle Upsy Daisy

Treasure hunt

Create an indoor colour treasure hunt from your toddler’s favourite things. If your child loves Igglepiggle, why not try a blue-themed treasure hunt. You could even create a special colour collection that your child will find and cherish.

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