How to tell your child a story by author Jane Hissey

Children's author of Old Bear stories explains how to be a great storyteller


Does your child want you to make up a bedtime story? Don’t be daunted! Here are some tips from Old Bear author Jane Hissey to spark your imagination…


1. A good trick is to use a familiar device each time, such as a magic lamp that you rub to take you to a different land. It gives you a place to start until an idea kicks in.

2. Why not come up with a character that has different adventures each time? Ask your child to come up with a hero or heroine to use, so they feel part of it.

3. Toys can be a great starting point so why not make your child’s teddy star of the story, a bit like Old Bear?

4. Incorporate activities that your children love to do, such as a tea party or treasure hunt, or an object they enjoying playing with, like a picnic set, for a sure fire hit.

5. Most of all, remember that stories can be simple. Just the fact that you are telling a story to the child is what is important to them, not the content.

Jane’s book, Ruby, Blue And Blanket (£10.99, Scribblers) is available now.


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