Story podcast: Marvin’s Magical Cardboard Box Join-in Story

An imaginative jungle adventure to boost your child's creativity with this free activity story podcast. Listen at home, cardboard box a bonus...


A fun-loving but slightly bored monkey wistfully watches his friends – a racing tiger, a diving crocodile and a swooping parrot – having fun. Until he discovers the wonder of his cardboard box. Join Marvin and Yoyo the cat enjoy a creative adventure…


Listen to Marvin’s Amazing Cardboard Box

Before you begin, if possible find a cardboard box and a few toys – animal figures will be particularly handy – for your toddler or pre-schooler to play along as they listen to the story about Marvin’s Magical Cardboard Box.

And don’t forget mum and dad – we want you to join in too.

We have two more Join-in Stories in our podcast series:

Granny Annie’s Noisy Day – police cars, fire engines, diggers, aeroplanes and Yoyo stuck up a tree – make lots of sounds on a fun-filled trip to a party

Stanley’s Special Train Journey – counting fun with Stanley’s train picking up exciting surprise packages


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