Mini makes: Walnut mice craft

Get your little one loving the great outdoors with some cute creatures you can race together

Maggy Woodley’s ‘Red Ted Art: Cute & Easy Crafts for Kids’ (£15.99, Square Peg).

What you’ll need:


·      Scraps of coloured felt

·      Black marker pen

·      Walnuts

·      Marbles

·      Scissors

·      PVA glue

Let’s get crafty:

Step 1

Insert a pair of scissors into the round end of the walnut (as this is it’s weakest point), and tap it gently on a chopping board. Once it’s split, remove the nut from inside.

Step 2

Cut out ears and a strip for the tail from felt in your chosen colours.

Step 3

Glue on the ears to the top of the shell and the tail to the bottom, making sure it’s tucked under for a neater finish.

Step 4

Using your black marker pen, draw on eyes, a nose and whiskers. Repeat steps one to four another two times to make three mice.

Step 5

Place a marble under each mouse and then let your children race the mice down a sloping book. We wonder which mouse will win?

Why not … make the mice more personal by adding your children’s names onto them.

Did you know?

Walnuts are great to craft with, but the trick is being able to split them into two perfect halves. Practice with a few spare ones first before you start making your finished piece.

Maggy Woodley’s ‘Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids‘ book (£15.99) is on sale now!

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