Your guide to toddler rugby classes

If your tot loves sports and getting outside, toddler rugby could be a great way to channel their energy


Age Suitability

Rugby classes for toddlers and preschoolers are ideal for children aged between 2 and 5 years.


What your child will do

Rugby classes will introduce your child to fun and safe age-specific activities, which will help him to develop core skills as well as learn the game. Age appropriate equipment will be used during lessons including foam balls. Rugby for very young children is not played as a contact sport and safety is paramount.

Training will be confined to a small sized pitch and may be indoors for safety. Classes will open with a warm-up and stretching session, followed by a series of drills and exhilarating exercises to introduce rugby.

A short and simplified version of tag rugby may be played during a lesson, as this does not involve any contact between players and scrums and tackling are not allowed. Instead the focus will be on running safely and confidently with the ball, which is a big achievement for a toddler.

Your toddler will learn how to run forwards and look up and sideways when running with a ball in both hands. Older preschool children may be taught how to make a try and find space on a pitch as well as receiving a pass whilst running.

Parents will need to get involved to help younger children along which could see some active participation as you get involved in passing and catching games. As your child progresses and gets older, you will find yourself relegated to the sidelines to watch him in action instead.

How will your child benefit

Your child will get an insight into teamwork and listening skills as he learns how to listen to other children and instructors as well as share the ball by passing.

His gross motor skills will benefit significantly as he learns how to run, dodge, throw and catch. Hand to eye co-ordination will benefit and physical fitness levels will increase. As your child’s skills improve and they learn more about the game and capabilities, so will his confidence and the willingness to challenge himself more.

Courses usually run up to around 7 years of age, which is when your child can graduate onto junior rugby classes linked with a local club.

Rugbytots and Little Rugby are just a few of the toddler rugby providers who offer classes across the UK.


How much will it cost

Classes cost around £6-£9 per session) depending on your location. Sessions are usually offered as a course booking of several weeks. There may also be fees for membership or kit. Some class providers may offer ‘play-as-you-go’ fees (normally higher than a course subscription).


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