15 real-life parenting confessions

Wormy scratching, a bit of a boob, farts, stains and a licked biscuit - real parents reveal their most embarrassing moments


The perfect hang-out

“Once I completely forgot to put my breast away after I had fed my 7 month old baby, I then went to open the door to let someone in and preceded to chat to them.


“I was totally unaware until I put my baby back in his crib. I don’t know who felt more embarrassed, them or me, as it wasn’t mentioned.”


Eyebrows like daddy’s… but not on his face

“We were changing in a family cubicle at a pool on holiday when my son shouted, ‘Why hasn’t my willy got eyebrows like daddy’s?’

It had clearly echoed around the pool as when we came out everyone was laughing!”


When one just isn’t enough

“I once had to desperately scour the streets at 10pm for an open shop that could sell me half a dozen dummies.

“I could only find one in the house – and had two small children quarrelling over it!”


The wrong place to scratch

“My 2-year-old son was fidgeting in Sainsbury’s cafe and I told him to stop. He shouted in return ‘I’m itching my itchy bum!’

I was so embarrassed! The people around us must of thought he had worms!”


“It wasn’t me, honest…”

“I missed the postman delivery, so I had to go to the main post office to collect my package with my young son. It was the end of the day and there was a long queue. I was carrying him while waiting in line and he suddenly started farting loudly. His face had no movement so it looked like it was me. So embarrassing!”


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