6 do-it-yourself mum exercises

With a little one to take care of, it’s not always easy to pop to the gym for a workout. Try these DIY options that make exercise a bit easier to fit into your day…


1. Fitness tracking

“I used the Ki Fit (www.kifit.co.uk) to help me lose my baby weight. I set a goal on the portable device, which showed me how many calories I needed to burn versus how much I could consume. Any activity I did in the 24-hour period was measured, even going shopping and pushing the pram got me closer to my weight-loss goal.”


Amanda Chenery, 26, from Surrey, mum to Zac, 10 months

Prices range from £99.99 to £318.99 depending on the package that you choose.


2. Skipping

“I’ve always loved skipping and a digital skipping rope keeps track of how many jumps I do with a special counter. I join forces with other mums to see how many skips we can do without stopping!”

Jemma Hart, 33, from Berkshire, mum to Toby, 2

Digital skipping ropes are available from Amazon.

3. Walking

These new Reebok EasyTone Reenew trainers, from £75 from Reebok, work just by walking in them! Key leg and bum muscles are forced to work harder meaning a more toned mummy.

4. Swimming

Keep yourself motivated in the pool with Speedo’s Underwater 1GB MP3 Player. It can be submerged in up to three metres of water and either clips onto your swimming costume, or it can float along behind as you swim.

Prices are between £50.00 and £100.00 depending on the model, available from Speedo stores.

5. Working out

Our favourite fitness DVD for 2011 is former EastEnder and TV presenter Nadia Sawalha’s Fat To Fab Workout, from Universal. As well as fat-burning routines, all-over body-blasting and toning exercises, it includes healthy eating tips and a recipe booklet.

Available from Amazon.


6. Running

This Philips Activa Workout Coach Fitness MP3 Player, £89.99, from Argos, selects suitable tracks from your library of music that mirror your workout pace. You can start with a pumping rock hit and cool down with a smooth ballad.

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