Feeding your toddler

Our health visitor passes on vital tips about sugar in your child’s diet and how to tempt fussy eaters…


Tips for feeding faddy eaters

  • Eat somewhere different. If eating at the table isn’t working, try a picnic on the floor.
  • Give him food he likes as often as you can within reason.
  • Cook something together and let him choose what you’re going to make.
  • Try using chopsticks as the frustration may encourage little ones to pick up the food and just eat it.
  • Have a colour theme. It gets your toddler looking at his food and might spark an interest.

Ways to be sugar savvy with your child

  • Get a label-reading habit. Sugar is often hidden under other names such as sucrose, fructose and glucose.
  • Don’t ban it. ‘Everything in moderation’ will build healthier attitudes to keeping a balanced diet.
  • Meal then treat. Keep any sweet treats until after meals, rather than between them, reducing the amount of time teeth deal with sugar.
  • Watch the juice. Stick to water and milk for drinks, encouraging drinking from a beaker and cup, rather than a bottle.
  • Clean teeth last thing. At bedtime, toothpaste should be the last thing on your child’s teeth – not juice or food.

Ways to reduce your toddler’s sugar intake

  • Tackle breakfast first, try some porridge with fruit instead of sugary cereals for a change.
  • Read food labels and go for low or no sugar. Sugar listings may come under corn syrup, maltose, fructose or sucrose.
  • Understand high sugar amount: 15 grams of sugar is high, 5 grams is low.
  • Swap sugary puddings for yoghurt or fruit every other day at first while he gets used to it.
  • Rethink rewards. Instead of offering a sweet treat for good behaviour, suggest a game or extra story at bedtime.

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