How mums cope with the overnight feeds

Some of us have our partners on hand to help, even if we're breastfeeding, others enjoy the quiet time with baby


We recently published a story from The One Show’s Alex Jones, who revealed how having to get up at night to feed her little boy Ted left her feeling ‘murderous’ towards husband Charlie as he slept ??


And the presenter’s story definitely got people talking about the issue of how mums cope with the night feed, and, in particular, whether or not their partners are on hand to help (especially once they’re back at work).

We also shared in the post how one of the mums on our team had a friend who made her husband get up and sit with her every time she fed her baby (she was breastfeeding)… and this got our MFMers talking about what they did…

Help from the other half

Some of you agreed it was good to have a partner around for those night feeds, especially in those first whirlwind weeks.

For example, Lisa S tells us: “In the early days my other half woke up with me to keep me company (his choice) as it was the first time breastfeeding.

“After a bit, he stayed asleep and I enjoyed my cuddles with baby. Plus my other half had to be back at work so he needed his sleep to function. I got my naps when my baby slept during the day.”

Raych D agrees that to start with it can be nice to have Dad on hand in the wee small hours: “I loved breastfeeding my baby boy, especially at night – those quiet cuddles don’t last for long!” she recalls.

“At first we tag teamed with the constant newborn feeding/changing/soothing cycle but then I took over as that’s why I’m on maternity leave.”

And Emily D has a worrier for a husband by the looks of it: “I had my second C-section 2 weeks ago and I’m pretty sure my hubby wakes up just to check I’m still alive whilst doing the night feed!” Awwwww.

Going it alone

And while Laura S agreed it can be annoying watching your other half sleep while you get up, she wasn’t sure waking them was the best option:

“Death stare at them while feeding – that’s what I used to do!” she quips. “But seriously, why wake him? He can’t help feed and we’ll both be tired.”

And plenty more of you said you were quite happy to do it alone – even in the early days.

Rhian C tells us: “I loved the peace and quiet and bonding I used to do with my daughter when she fed in the middle of the night.”

“Now he sleeps through night but if he did wake I will see to him while still on maternity but when I’m back at work we’ll take it in turns.

“My hubby loves getting up early with him at the weekend so I can have a lie in. ? Do whatever means the most sleep for everyone! X”

A fair solution?

Finally – Jess S shares what really worked for her and her partner: “So we ended up working this way: I breastfed both my boys until just over 1 year old where I would get up through the night, no matter how many times it was.

‘Once I stopped and they went onto being bottle fed, my partner now got up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

“It worked perfectly for us and now they’re both sleeping through generally we take it in turns to sort the boys out (2 and 4) when they need us.”

What do you think?

How do you do the night feed? Have you worked out a solution yet – or are you still struggling to find a way that suits all of you?

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