I couldn’t live without…

New mum readers share their must-have products in the first year with a baby


I couldn’t live without…

What’s the one thing that helped you through those early days as a mum? Prima Baby readers reveal their new mum life-savers…


‘I keep wipes on me at ALL times!’

‘I use Johnson’s Baby Fragrance-Free Skincare Wipes (£2.44, boots.com). They’re so mild on her skin. I have them with me all the time – they’re fab for stains, too.’

Viv Obinna, 31, mum to Chanel, 1


‘A sling gave me my arms back!’

‘Carrying India in a sling meant my arms were free again – and I could also breastfeed discreetly. I had a Moby Wrap (from £42.95, slumber-roo.co.uk). It’s a brilliant design and so comfy.’

Catherine Smith, 26, mum to India, 1&1/2


‘A feeding pillow’s a must’

‘I found my breastfeeding pillow invaluable, especially in the early days. It helped me to position my baby properly and took some of the strain off my arms too, as she seemed to feed for hours back then! Buying that was a real turning point – mine was the Widgey Nursing Pillow (£29.95, kiddicare.com) and it was money well spent! It also doubled up as a great support cushion to help your baby sit up, too.

Melanie Daniels, 34, mum to Emily, 1


‘He loves his baby swing’

‘My little girl was very easy, so when I had my son, Cohen, it was a shock – he just wanted to be in my arms all day. He wouldn’t sleep unless he was lying on me or my husband. But our lifesaver was The Ziggy Zebra Loving Hug Swing (£79.99, babiesrus.co.uk). It was the only place we could put him where he’d sit and play or sleep for up to three hours at a time – finally we could eat and shower again! I’d recommend a baby swing to any new mum.’

Clair Matheson, 27, mum to Cohen, 9 months, and Ruby, 3


‘The bear that soothes him back to sleep’

‘The Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear Plus (£34.99, mothercare.com) is a lifesaver at bedtime. It plays music to get Sam back to sleep if he wakes at night.’

Alison Burbage, 29, mum to Sam, 7 months


‘She falls asleep so easily with this’

‘I’d recommend the Tomy Starlight Dreamshow (£15.99, tomy.co.uk) – it projects on to the ceiling and plays three different tunes. We’ve used it from day one. It’s much better than a mobile as it can be placed in any room the Moses basket or cot is in, and we’ve even taken it on holiday with us to help Mina fall asleep in a strange new place! The tunes are lovely – I’ve even fallen asleep to it!’

Tricia Clark, 34, mum to Mina, 2&1/2


‘My crib was pricey, but worth it’

‘One of my best buys was the Stokke Sleepi Bed (stokke.com). At £430, it’s quite an outlay, but it adapts from a crib to a cot and we’ll be able to use it if we have another baby. I love that it’s on wheels so we can move it from room to room. For us, it’s been well worth the money.’

Caroline McMahon, 29, mum to Finley, 1


‘It helped my baby sleep through’

‘As soon as I had a baby it hit me that I didn’t know how much to feed, and how much sleep he should have. So I turned to Gina Ford’s The Contented Baby First Year (£15.99, Vermilion) for help. It covers your baby’s development and various routines. After using the steps, Luka was sleeping through the night from 7 weeks!’

Melanie Palmer, 29, mum to Luka, 5 months


‘These bibs keep my baby clean and me happy!’

‘My little one is such a dribbler, resulting in soggy clothes and a red, sore neck – poor thing! I found these Bandana Bibs from Funky Giraffe (£4, funkygiraffebibs.co.uk) and they are fantastic! They absorb so much dribble and look fab! They fit babies big and small and Leo is always complimented when he wears them. I’m happy as his clothes are kept dry!’

Katie Collins, 29, mum to Leo, 7 months


‘These soft blocks keep him amused’

‘Harrison loves playing with his 100-Piece Foam Building Blocks (£14.99, Toys R Us). They’re great for building towers – though he prefers to knock over the towers I build! They’ll be great for teaching colours as well as shapes when he gets older, too. They’re meant for 2 years plus, but we keep an eye on him as he has a good chew on them!’

Claire Wilson, 30, mum to Harrison, 1


‘I’d recommend this shade to every new mum’

‘Not only have we found the SnoozeShade (£19.99, snoozeshade.co.uk) helps Ethan sleep when we’re out, but it also protects him from the sun, wind or even light rain. It fits a variety of pushchairs and is so much easier than trying to drape a muslin over the pram.’

Ruth Hillman-Booth, 38, mum to Ethan, 4 months


‘My babies loved being swaddled’

‘I’ve got four kids and they all loved being swaddled – it stopped them scratching in the early days and helped them sleep. But making a swaddle from a normal blanket is quite tricky, so I invested in a proper Swaddle (£12.99, trulymadlybaby.co.uk). It saved me a lot of time as it was so easy to put on.’

Daisy Maguire, 25, mum to Gabriel, 1; Chris, 2; Kitty, 5, and Ewan, 8


‘My milk dispenser is a must-have’

‘I couldn’t live without my Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Powder Dispensers (£4.99, tommeetippee.co.uk). They were invaluable for making up milk feeds when we were out and about!’


Kimberley Day, 23, mum to Ewan, 1

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