‘I can barely hear my baby when she’s grizzling’: mum shares how she lost her hearing in pregnancy

One of our mums talks about her experience of otosclerosis


Our forum brings up so many incredible stories from mums, and when we read this one, we have to admit, it was a first for us – so we really wanted to share it.


It comes from new mum to baby Elizabeth, Shannagh Wilson, who shares how she lost her hearing during pregnancy.

Shannagh writes:

“I’m sat with Elizabeth having a snooze next to me. She’s as good as gold. She sleeps 3 to 4 hours at night, only waking for a feed and a change.

“She’ll occasionally cluster feed in the day but she’s 16 days old today and the midwife said she’s probably having a growth spurt so that’s fine by me! She was 7lb 12oz at birth and was 8lb 8oz at day 10 so I’m happy she’s gaining so well.

“Mama on the other hand has been very busy. I’m not sure if I told you all about my hearing loss in pregnancy. Well it’s gotten a lot worse, which is a big concern as I can barely hear baby when she’s grizzling.

“Went to an ENT specialist and I have a condition that’s been brought on by my estrogen in pregnancy.

“I have to wear hearing aids now with the potential of an operation which should fix the issue. Need to wait for a CT scan to see if the op is viable.”

Pic: Courtesy of Shannagh Wilson

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More about otosclerosis

Shannagh confirmed she had been diagnosed with something called otosclerosis. Generally, it’s thought to be hereditary, though Shannagh says she doesn’t know of anyone else in her family with the condition ?

Dr Philippa Kaye told us a bit more about otosclerosis: she agreed it’s generally hereditary though can be worsened by pregnancy.

She also confirmed that hearing aids or surgery are generally offered to help the condition. 

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