Stranger offers assistance to a frantic mum and her crying baby on the road




Here at MadeForMums we hear lots of mum/stranger interaction stories. They range from the sweet ones – like the mum who was so grateful she cried when a grandad looked after her baby on a plane, to the not so good, like the mum who was shamed by a stranger for breastfeeding on a bus ?

And of course we like the heartwarming ones the best – so we were delighted when a mum on our forum decided to share her story about a day when her little one kicked off and a kind stranger helped out.

Charlotte says:

“I had a drama yesterday ? I went over to see my husband at work yesterday (his boss was down from her usual couple of hours away destination so he asked if I could bring Harvey in to meet her). It had to be a quick visit as I had to get home for the younger one’s sports day.  

“On the way home (bearing in mind he has to be in the back due to front airbag that I can’t seem to turn off) Harvey got himself worked up due to being over tired.

“He fed and pooed just before we left so had no other reason to create so much fuss – but I’m on a busy road, listening to him get himself into such a tizz that he then got so bad, he was gurgling which turned into gagging on his own saliva ?

“I was crying as I needed to pull over safely but couldn’t as there were HGVs everywhere on the road. Luckily I found a space, hazards on, pulled over and just climbed over and got him out?

A lovely guy pulled over and gave me help as he initially thought I’d broken down till he saw I was trying to calm Harvey down.

 “He was so lovely and stayed with me till Harvey was calm and asleep in his car seat, in case someone hit the end of my car as the road was a 70mph dual carriageway.

“We are all good and got home safely.”


Awww, sounds like a day lots of us can relate to Charlotte – and we’re so glad you got the help you needed. What a difference the simple kindness of a stranger can make, eh?

What do you think?

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Words and image submitted by: Charlotte Brunt

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