Unexpected side effect of becoming a dad

Being a father boosts male ego, says study


Ask most new mothers and they’ll probably all agree that just after giving birth is not when they feel at their best!


US researchers have found, however, that being a new dad makes men feel better looking and believe that physical proof of a man’s virility, in the form of a baby, boosts the male ego.

The study asked 182 couples to rate their attractiveness from ‘very ugly’ to ‘perfectly beautiful’ just after their wedding and then again close to their first and second anniversaries. Forty-eight of the couples had a baby during that time.

Women who hadn’t had children felt more attractive over time, while new mothers felt the opposite. The men who had become fathers thought they were more handsome than before.


Alicia Cast, a researcher frm the University of California who ran the study, said, “Men diagnosed as infertile report feeling their masculinity threatened, so having a child may serve to enhance feelings of masculinity, resulting in men feeling more attractive.”

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