Working mums – tips for juggling family and career

Handy tips for making life as a working mum easier for you and your baby.


Being a working mum requires organisation, determination and endless patience – but balancing parenthood and career can be done!


1. Family wall planner

Avoid last-minute surprises by investing in a wall planner so you can see at a glance what the whole family is up to every day.

2. Get ready the night before

Get everything ready for the next day the night before, including packing snacks, changing bags and clothes for you and your baby.

3. Keeping your work clothes clean

Wait until the last minute to get dressed for work to avoid sticky baby handprints – or vomit – all over your clean, just-ironed outfit.

4. Don’t bring work worries home

Before you leave work for home, write any niggling worries on a ‘to do’ list for the next day. Then try to unwind on the journey home.

5. Get help if you can afford it

Whether it’s babysitting or housework, understand that you can’t possibly do it all.

6. Flexible working arrangements

Ask your boss for a flexible working arrangement. Parents with children under 6 have the right to request to work flexibly, which may include working shorter hours, job sharing or working from home.

7. Working from home

If you work from home, set an ‘out-of-office’ auto-response on your email to give a professional impression when you can’t respond to messages straight away.

8. Establish a routine

If you’re juggling work and home life, remember that your baby doesn’t understand that mummy sometimes wants to play and then suddenly doesn’t. This can cause upset and clinginess. Try to set a daily routine so that your baby starts to know what to expect.

9. Sell your stories

If you’re a great storyteller, consider writing children’s books.

Mum’s story:

“I decided to write children’s books in my spare time.”

“I’ve always been interested in words, but becoming a mum made me work harder at it – suddenly my time was limited and I didn’t want to waste it. I wrote my first book after work, when the children were in bed, and at the weekends. It’s lovely to be able to show them that you can be creative and still pay the bills.”


Anita, 37, mum to Tabby, 9 and Chrissy, 6


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